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Many trusts have been mindful that they have not necessarily given the time or expertise to the data gathering and initial validation of information when compiling their ERIC returns. This has been compounded recently by the Covid-19 pressures on their estates teams. 



To help support trusts in their ERIC return process we at GKT have formulated a tried and tested methodology of supporting trusts through the initial data gathering, and then onto the essential external validation of this data to ensure that the figures the figures stack up in terms of previous returns, our NHS productivity benchmarking and the Model Hospital Comparator. 

This validation stage provides confidence that the final returns accurately reflect the trusts true position and are not likely to be highlighted or challenged by NHSi as part of their on going quality assurance. 


Clients who have used our support report that they have been able to submit their ERIC return with confidence and with a knowledge of where they are performing as an organisation against ERIC national figures and the Model Hospital Comparator. Where they can seem as a possible "Outlier" the team have answers and explainations at the ready for any subsequent questions from either NHSi or their own boards. 

Overall our support has allowed trusts to use their ERIC return process in a positive and supportive way. 


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