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As well as offering organisations support to complete their PAM returns we also offer PAM and CQC training to individuals, groups and organisations. 

We can tailor our training to your individual learning objectives but in general our training is designed to deliver a broad and comprehensive background to the key aspects and considerations that are required to undertake a NHS Premises Assurance Model (PAM) assessment, understand the scope of the PAM return, and the information needed to answer the questions. 

By the end of the training you will be able to:

  • Describe the structure of PAM

  • Discuss the PAM questions and list the evidence required

  • State the importance of staff training

  • Explain the importance of asset registers and CAFM systems, compliance and certification, periodic systems and specific equipment checks

  • Describe the audit and review process


GKT are the provider of PAM & CQC training for Eastwood Park (formerly the NHS training centre for healthcare engineering). This course has City & Guilds accredited programme status.

accredited programme.png


Get in touch for more information about our PAM & CQC training and how we can help. 

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