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ERIC Returns 2020/2021

Last year we assisted over 18 Trusts with their ERIC returns. Client satisfaction remained extremely high at over 98.7%, even throughout what has been a challenging time for everyone.

We appreciate that your whole team must be under enormous pressure this year and so we wanted to summarise our typical approach below, in the hope we can provide some assistance or support in anyway with your routine annual returns.

What you need to do?

In accordance with the Carter Benchmark and the Model Hospital comparator, it is essential that the data Trusts' gather for their ERIC returns is:

  • Gathered in accordance with ERIC definitions

  • Accurately representing the service configuration

  • Quality assured and validated

It is vital that you are confident in the information submitted on behalf of your Trust as the ERIC data informs the Carter benchmarks and Model Hospital Comparator.

How can we help?

We can help by providing you with the peace of mind that your ERIC data and site information has been collected and eternally validated. We also offer a benchmarking service that considers the particular and unique aspects of each individual EFM configuration and makes the necessary adjustments, so your performance is being benchmarked as accurately as possible.

Our Approach

Our typical approach would be to undertake the following:

  1. Establish internal project team for the ERIC return

  2. Provide training on the ERIC definitions and ensure clarity of roles within the team

  3. Develop E&F dashboard for collection of routine information

  4. Coordinate the data provided by the team members and enter onto NHS Digital ERIC portal

  5. Review ERIC data submission; check and validate methodology, definitions, data and costs/rates

  6. Identify gaps in information, anomalies and concerns and suggest amendment

  7. Produce a revised set of ERIC data and undertake final data entry on the NHS Digital ERIC portal

  8. Ensure internal sign-off of data and commit data.

Our aim is to establish a small team of key stakeholders who will be responsible for the provision of the ERIC data and will discuss and agree issues of definition and consistency. In the main it is expected that these discussions will take place during the period from April to May. The team will also agree actions and mitigate in the event of missing or late provision of information.

If this sounds like something you could be interested and you require further information, please get in touch on 01273 030157 or reply to this email Michaela Green


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