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Our project management yields immediate returns. Dramatic increases in project capabilities and productivity resulted in £900,000 of operational cost avoidance during the current budget year.

As one of the largest Health Trusts in the UK Oxford Universities Hospitals treats 1,471,197 patients per annum with approximately 12,000 employees, this £822m Pound organisation is the primary provider of healthcare within Oxfordshire.


With a limited staff that were overwhelmed by increasing healthcare demands for the COVID-19 pandemic, project quality began to wane within this organisation, as they grappled with managing their estates and FM project portfolio. Although projects were being completed, they were experiencing time slippage and the cost of project delivery was also increasing. The client’s leadership team recognised that something was wrong, and knew they needed outside support to evaluate the situation and identify where external support could add value.



The client decided the best course of action was to bring in seasoned professionals in Estate and FM services and project management. The Trust engaged GKT to perform an evaluation of the current state of affairs and provide guidance in organisational enhancement.


At the conclusion of the assessment, GKT presented a list of priority projects and compliance  risk that would need to be addressed. These specific “pain points” of the Trust were identified and prioritised by undertaking a PAM audit in order to help prevent further investigate specific areas of concern. Included with the list was a roadmap and timescale for implementation of these deliverables .

In just three months, GKT was able to redefine and simplify the company’s project management methodology, reorganise PMO operations, institute a new project and portfolio reporting structure, and establish new PAM governance process.

In tandem, GKT performed a detailed review of all eFM related projects, and brought them into compliance with the newly implemented methodology.


The Trust now has a fully vetted, standardised project methodology and PAM governance process to follow for all future project activities. Implementing methodology changes and restructuring  projects produced immediate, realised savings in project execution productivity, and £900,000 in EFM operations cost avoidance.

One such instance of cost avoidance included redefining and re-launching a stalled project intended to lower the operating costs of the Trust’s asset tagging. After three weeks of review, redefinition, and re-planning, the project successfully concluded in the following 5 months. The net result was a decrease of £100,000 in departmental projected costs of completing this exercise.


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